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Can You Recognise Fire Hazards?


One of the best things that you can do as a business owner is to find out more about fire safety. Not only should you have your building equipped with fire warning equipment and sprinklers but you should also be able to identify certain fire hazards. By taking this stance, you will reduce your liability and keep your business and employees safer.

Learning How a Fire Starts

That is why it pays, literally, to take expert fire safety training in Edinburgh. By taking health and safety and fire safety courses, you can learn more about the subject in greater depth. Enrolling in this type of programme will enable you to learn how fires start and how to identify the potential risks. Students also learn how to react if a fire happens to erupt.

What a Course Covers

A fire safety course generally covers the following subjects:

  • Fire safety regulations, including current legislation
  • Hazard identification
  • Common reasons for fires
  • Fire prevention methods
  • The science of how a fire spreads
  • Emergency procedures and drills for evacuation
  • How a fire extinguisher works and how to operate the device
  • Daily and weekly fire safety checks
  • Identifying and operating certain firefighting equipment

A Pleasant Learning Experience

This type of course is usually open to a small class of up to 12 delegates. Therefore, it is a pleasant learning experience. People in the programme get to learn in a bespoke setting that is customised for a participant’s specific requirements.

If you need to take this course, you can make the time as it is a half-day session. You may also be interested in fire risk assessment training, which can be taken on a separate day.



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