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The Smartest Options for the Best Air Con Servicing


Special chemicals are used to clean the air conditioning. Preparations for cleaning and disinfection are dedicated to evaporators, condensers and other elements of the installation. A wide range of different preparations is available for sale, thanks to which it is possible to optimally adjust the agent to the type of surfaces being cleaned and the type of soiling. They may have a different constitution and form – liquid, aerosol, concentrate. When buying, it is worth paying attention to whether the product has the necessary approvals and permits. In aircon servicing this is a big step.

How to clean the air conditioner – cleaning products

  • Scope and order of service work
  • Checking the condenser for dirt, damage and corrosion
  • cleaning the sipes, thanks to which the air flow through the exchanger will be smooth
  • cleaning and cleaning condensers of outdoor units and enclosures are made using combs for fins and chemicals
  • in the evaporator we check the temperature and flow of the cooled medium
  • depending on the needs, we clean the heat exchange surfaces
  • cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of indoor units with antifungal agents
  • The evaporator and fan turbine blades as well as the filters also need cleaning
  • checking the tightness of devices and installations for refrigerant leakage and its pressure – possible work related to sealing and replenishing of the refrigerant
  • control of moisture content of freon (optionally filter change for moisture absorbing)
  • measuring the pressure and temperature of cooling circuits on suction and discharge
  • checking the oil consumption in compressors, bearings and the direction of rotation of the fans
  • Checking the tightness and patency of the condensate drainage system, especially cleaning the dripping tray
  • assessment of the technical condition of the electrical installation
  • checking the correctness of the device operation

Unpurified conditioning – consequences

If someone still has doubts, whether to bother with the maintenance and maintenance works in the field of a home cooling system, we present the consequences resulting from neglecting these activities.

First of all, the risk of developing diseases caused by microorganisms’ increases significantly, especially if you feel an unpleasant odor when starting the air conditioner. Allergies, asthma and many other respiratory disorders continue later over the years and are burdensome in everyday life. The worst, however, is the Legionnaires’ disease (a serious infectious disease of the airways) that can even lead to death. 

Secondly, the costs of maintaining air conditioning are increasing. The decrease in efficiency, the increase in electricity consumption and the more noisy work can be felt very quickly, and in the long run accelerates the consumption of fans and compressors.

The air conditioning has to provide comfort in terms of temperature and humidity in a given place. This is very important, especially at a time when the quality of the air we breathe is still spoken in a bad light. This is an installation that raises the standard of living and the belief that it is harmful to health is a myth. Properly installed, used and cleaned, it brings the same benefits.

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