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The Smartest Services for the Best BTO Renovation


Service areas are largely ignored environments. In 2017 this does not happen. Laundromats are one of the trends and the goal is to get better lighting and put smart cabinets to make every day work easier, even if it is a little room in the house. For the room bto renovation this is very true.

Entrance halls

This element is the one that provides the first impression of the house. The compact environment can be redesigned easily and with little investment. For example: it is possible to place distinctive wallpaper, a table with trays or a large mirror.


The solution to the problems of external showers, which are not very practical, is to connect the bathrooms to outdoors and outdoors. This allows meeting the desire of many consumers, being careful to maintain privacy and issues related to external temperature and climate.


Small kitchens have a problem with refrigerators, which are larger and space-saving appliances. As it is difficult to reshape the space, it is best to delimit a common level for the cabinets and not have adjacent spaces so as to have more free areas and a more aerodynamic environment.

Once you know the trends, it’s time to get ideas and create projects. But where to disclose them?

Learn how to make your projects stand out

  • The success of a designer depends directly on the disclosure of their designs. This is how the professional can show their quality to partners, clients and prospects, who are interested people and with the potential to contract their services.
  • This task requires well-done marketing work, as well as a work with transparency and information consistent with reality. That is, you should not work with devices, because it damages your professional image.
  • Despite these recommendations, there is no magic formula to publicize your work as a designer. What works for one person may not work for another. The ideal is to test different techniques and see the ones that work for you.

To craft a marketing campaign you must know exactly who your audience is, where it can be found and how big it is. From this, you need to define some aspects. Are they:

Objective of the campaign: delimits if the character will be promotional or institutional. In the first case the focus is the immediate results. In the second, the priority is the institutional image, which is valued through elements such as quality, tradition, among others;

Channel: it is the medium of communication that will be used for the purpose of reaching the target audience accurately. This choice should consider minimum waste and maximum coverage. A good tip is to use social networks and the internet to your advantage. By creating sponsored ads, for example, you can target the people who will have access to the campaign. To complement and have more effective results, you can also use sites specific to your area;

Message: this is what will be said, which must be appropriate to an efficient language. Remember to create a message with appeal that will help raise public awareness. For example: “make your home more comfortable and add practicality to your daily life with a beautiful and elegant design”.

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