3 Home Improvements your Local Electrician Can Handle


Most people think a domestic electrician spends all his time wiring and rewiring homes, and while this does account for a portion of his work, the licensed electrician in Birmingham can actually do quite a few home improvements. Here are a few examples of small projects that can be completed by your local electrician.

  1. Underfloor Heating – Many British homeowners are now enjoying the luxury of underfloor heating, which allows you to walk barefoot in the freezing winter, and for what is costs, it gives you a new level of comfort. Talk to your local electrician and ask him about dry underfloor heating and he will explain the options and pop round to quote for the project.
  2. CCTV – There’s no need to call in a home security consultant, as your local electrician can supply and install a top-quality video surveillance system that is designed for your property. CCTV is the ultimate deterrent, as intruders would never bother trying to gain access to a house with CCTV.
  3. Digital Shower – The electrician can purchase a top of the range digital shower at trade prices, saving you heaps of money, and once you have sampled a digital shower, you won’t want to use anything else. The tradesman can also build the shower screen, completing the new look.

The above are just a few of the improvements a domestic electrician can carry out, so give your local electrical company a call when you want to make some changes around the home.

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