3 Things That Your Roofing Company Will Look Out For On Your Building.


In the United Kingdom, we seem to be experiencing more erratic weather now and storms are becoming much stronger. We are still getting the rain, but with that rain comes unusually large hailstones, and in some cases, areas have experienced small twister-like winds that are causing damage to the roofs of our properties. We take our roofs very much for granted and we assume that it will protect the home with very little input from ourselves. This couldn’t be further from the truth and all roofs need to be checked at least once a year for damage.

Due to high winds or strikes from broken off tree branches, you may find that your roof shingles in Torquay have come loose or have been removed altogether. You need to get a roofer up there to check things out immediately and here are some of the things that he will look out for.

  • We install guttering, soffits and facia to help protect are roofs and due to the wet weather, we experience here in the United Kingdom, the brackets and screws rust and come loose. They can check and replace these if necessary.
  • Roof shingles and tiles come loose and the only way to know if they need to be put back in place or replaced altogether, is to get up there on the roof and have a look. Your local roofer will do this for you.
  • With regards to the guttering, it gets clogged up with leaves and twigs, especially in the autumn time and this means that the rainwater cannot drain effectively away from the property. Your local roofing company will clear this out for you.

The roof on every property should be checked at least once a year, and of a particularly large storm passed through your area, then immediately after that.




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