4 Great Reasons To Install Security Screen Doors In Your Home


Unfortunately, security nowadays is required in most situations in Australia. Gone are the days when you could leave the keys in your doors and car and they would be there when you got back. Society has changed and so must we, if we are to protect our homes and businesses. When we think of good security, the first thing we think about is a strong door. It is the first thing a burglar will come up against as he tries to enter your building illegally. Unfortunately, it can also be the weakest point because you haven’t chosen wisely or you tried to save money and bought a cheaper door.

Regardless, it makes sense to install proper security doors on your building as it is a great way to put burglars off from entering your home or business. Security screens do offer great security, but they also offer more benefits and we will talk about some of them here.

  1. Better Privacy – Security screens are great for providing you with the privacy that you so often want but can’t get. The mesh that the security screen is made from is quite thick and the angle that it is manufactured in, makes it incredibly hard to see into your building. You, on the other hand can see out quite easily and so your views are unimpeded. The security screen itself can be designed individually to the level of privacy you want and so you should talk to experts like Invisi-Gard in Perth about your requirements.
  2. Creates Style – Security screens provide good security, but they are also aesthetically pleasing as well, becausemthey add great style to any property. Creating first impressions are essential in today’s society and so you can take advantage of the number of decorative security screen doors that are available to you. These great looking doors add great colour and style to your home and as well as providing greater security, they also provide great looks.
  3. Increased Security – Yes, these security screen doors are more expensive than your average door, but the price is justified due to the high level of security that they offer. A steel security door is really difficult to get past and it is only the most hardened criminal that would continue to try to get past it. The hinges on these specially designed doors cannot be removed and the frame is second to none. When a thief sees your security screen door, he will move on to an easier mark for sure.
  4. Adds Value – Installing security screen doors in your home is a great way to increase the property value. A prospective buyer will pay more for a secure home, of that there is no doubt. Because you can get your security screen door designed specifically to match the architecture and colour of your home, it will blend in effortlessly and add to the overall kerb appeal of your home.

Security screen doors are a welcome addition to any home in the Perth area. They can help protect you and your family, whilst also looking great on your home. Look into getting some installed today.

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