A Complete Guide to Different Types of Underfloor Heating Systems


Underfloor heating systems reradiate heat into the flooring installed on top of them, providing warmth to the surrounding environment. Where direct air radiation into a house makes the environment feel stuffy, underfloor heating systems follow an indirect approach. They primarily heat the flooring and slab of the building, which warms the surrounding air as a secondary effect. Therefore, installing this particular system with the help of professional floor heating services in estes park doesn’t make the environment feel stuffy. This guide will talk about different types of underfloor heating systems.

Hydronic Heating Systems

Hydronic heating systems pump hot water through a piping system embedded in the subfloor. A boiler pumps the hot water through the pipes, and the water’s heat reradiates into the slab of the building, providing warmth to the floor and the house. This particular system can take around 2 days to heat an entire building. And once the building is heated, the hydronic heating system is designed to be left on for the whole winter season.

While hiring floor heating services in estes park for the initial setup of this particular system can be relatively higher, the cost of running the same is much less.

Electric Heating Systems

Electric underfloor heating systems function via a wiring system embedded underneath the floor. These wires generate the heat to warm the floor covering or the slab, which in turn, reradiates the heat through the flooring and into the environment.

This specific heating system works similarly to Split System Air Conditioners and is more effective for smaller areas. A homeowner, for instance, can install an electric underfloor heating system in his bathroom to heat only that area. If thinking about using a heating system for a long, then electric heating system installation will cost less while allowing climate control over particular areas.

Electric heating systems are categorized into different versions:

Matted Systems 

Matted systems involve a single plastic mat having heating wires embedded in it. These mats are simply rolled out onto the building’s floor. Moreover, matted systems are appropriate for regular-shaped rooms, not irregular ones.

Loose Wire Systems

Loose wire systems run a single continuous wire over the building’s floor in a specific pattern. This wire is taped with the help of a particular tape provided in the installation kit. Loose wire systems require more care in the layout, especially when installing them without the help of a professional.


Both underfloor heating systems- hydronic heating system and electric heating system can be installed using 3 methods. Experienced floor heating services in estes park will efficiently carry these installations methods- in a slab, in screed, and under carpet, tile, or timber. Furthermore, homeowners should know what floor coverings work best with the underfloor heating systems to reap maximum benefits. According to professionals, tiles, solid timber, laminate, hybrid flooring, and vinyl plank are some flooring options that work better than others. So, contact a professional service provider this winter season to provide much-needed warmth to the house.

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