A Guide to Exterior Building Maintenance


Many UK homes are built using stone, which offers a very durable and long-lasting finish, and if your home is built with stone, you are advised to have the exterior walls cleaned on an annual basis. Dirt and grime can become embedded into the stone surface, and if you would like to restore the surface to its former glory, there are skilled masons who carry out stone cleaning in Glasgow, who can be located with an online search.


Exterior stone walls have to endure a constant battering from the harsh Scottish climate, and it is the mortar used in the joints that tends to erode over time. Repointing exterior walls is a skill that the stonemason would have acquired over the years, and after an initial high-pressure wash to remove the dirt and grime, matching mortar is mixed and the repointing can begin. This is a time-consuming job that is best carried out by a stonemason who uses a scaffolding tower to access the wall surfaces, and when finished, the transformation is quite something.

Moss Growth and Algae

In the damp Scottish climate, it is often the case where exterior walls provide the right environment for moss and algae to form, which can be effectively removed with a power wash. The stone mason would offer a range of services, which include the following:

  • Sandstone Restoration
  • Stone Cleaning
  • Repointing
  • Stone Repairs

If your exterior walls are looking a little jaded, talk to your local stone mason who offers a wide range of services, and he would be happy to quote you for any repairs or restoration work you might need.

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