A Guide to Mature Tree Care


Mature trees offer essential shade, which is essential in a residential environment, and with regular care and attention, large trees can grow properly without being a risk to people and property. If you have a few large Oaks, Elms or Beech trees on your property, here are some tips on proper tree care.

  • Obstructing Date Cables and Power Lines – Large trees can sometimes grow into an area where there are data and power cables, and in such a case, branches should be removed to prevent the risk of damage. If you notice that a few of your trees are infringing on cables, the best tree surgeon in Bournemouth is only a phone call away, and he can prune to ensure that you don’t lose your Internet connection.
  • Overhanging the Roofline – While it is fine to have branches overhanging the roof, you do need to keep an eye on this, as a heavy branch could break off during a storm and that would cause considerable damage to the roof. If you are at all worried about branches compromising your roof, ask your local tree surgeon to take a look.
  • Shaping Large Trees – A mature tree should not be allowed to grow naturally without some form of shaping, which keeps the tree in proportion, while also removing dead wood before it becomes an issue.

It is always a good idea to ask your local arborist to pay you an annual visit to prune and inspect mature trees, and should there ever be any issues, the expert can recommend the best solution.

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