Add Padding to Increase Your Carpet’s Life


Padding is something that some carpet and rug customers overlook. However, padding is a must-have item when you are carpeting a home or adding a rug. You can choose from one of various pads, depending on the type of covering that you are installing. For example, padding may be used to secure a rug or a thicker pad beneath carpeting may be used to increase comfort.

Benefits of Padding

Following are reasons you should include padding with carpets and rugs in Harrow:

  • Increased Longevity. When padding is added beneath a carpet, it increases the life of a carpet by safeguarding the backing and binding and permitting more air flow whilst vacuuming. Extra padding absorbs the impact of foot traffic and the extra air flow enhances the suction of your vacuum. This increased suctioning power ensures that you will experience a cleaner carpet.
  • Added Insulation. Adding a pad also increases the warmth generated in a room. That is because the pad adds an insulated layer. The pad traps heat in the cold months and stops cooled air from escaping a room in the summertime.
  • Secure Placement. When a pad is used with an area rug, it keeps the rug from sliding over the floor. If a pad is not used, it can result in an injury.

Softer Underfoot

Padding, as the name suggests, also keeps the carpet much softer underfoot. That is why you do not want to bypass this accessory when you are buying carpeting. A pad increases the longevity of carpeting, which makes it possible for you to save money over time.

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