Answering units by 2N will let you know who is there immediately


The use of the latest technologies in homes is becoming more and more common. Smart homes are slowly becoming a reality, and innovative solutions are increasing the comfort of living. An example of such a solution is answering units, thanks to which we can quickly check who is standing at the door before we speak to them. How does an interactive intercom work and in which situations is it most useful?

Is someone is ringing the doorbell? See who it is before you start talking to them!

Answering units by 2N are innovative and modern devices which are perfect for every smart home. The device has a large, convenient touch display and uses the Android system, so most smartphone users will be familiar with it. Thanks to an answering unit, you can see your guests before you start talking to them. It is extremely convenient because it allows you to check who is standing at the door without leaving your chair. If you decide to connect other systems in the smart home to the device, such as a remote door opening system, you can use the answering unit as a home command center. This product by 2N has another very useful option. When you are not at home and someone is ringing the doorbell, they can leave a video message that you will watch after returning home. Thanks to this, the answering unit can also be used as an answering machine. You won’t miss any important visits, even when you’re not at home, because you will be able to view all the recordings.

Your comfort is a priority!

When you get home tired after a long day of work, you usually want to relax. Then, it turns out that someone has a very important matter and rings the doorbell. With an answering unit, you decide when you want to receive guests, and when you start relaxing, you can switch on the “do not disturb” mode. From now on no one will wake you up in the middle of the night. You can also use the answering unit to control curtains/blinds, lights, remote door opening, air conditioning, underfloor heating, and even an alarm system. It will be your home command center, giving you full control over everything that happens in and around it.

Get an answering unit by 2N and see how simple to use and convenient it is!

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