Behind the Scenes of Using Slate Tiles on Your Roof


The roof of a home is often the most commonly overlooked aspect of a well-designed home. In many cases, a good roof could actually make or break the quality and aesthetic of a home’s design, so the choice of material should be considered very carefully. Each type of material used in roofing provides different aesthetic and quality benefits that may suit different people and their personal preferences, as well as the needs of their home. One roof type may not be suitable for every person, but there are still very popular materials with which many people are more than happy.

What is Slate Roofing?

Slate roofing is one of the most popular and classiest roofing materials that has lasted in its popularity across much of history. Using this material is a great way to add a level of elegance or originality to your home, especially with some of the more unique styles of laying slate tiles on your roof. Other than being known for its elegance, slate tile roofs are also typically known for their durability and long-lasting nature. Although they may not be ideal for every person’s roof, slate tiles are certainly a great addition that can add both style and functionality to any roof.

Benefits of Installing Slate Tile Roofing

When you hire a company, such as NSW Slate Roofing, that is professionally trained in installing slate tile roofs, you’re guaranteed to end up with a beautiful roof that comes with all of the many benefits that it should. These roofing tiles are extremely beautiful, especially when laid out in unique patterns. The beauty is paired with a long life span, as these roofs are generally expected to last over a century, 150 years being an average lifespan of this roofing type. Slate tile roofs are also the most fire resistant roofs that you could choose to install in your home.

Styles of Slate Tile Roofing

There are many different types of slate tiles and ways that they can be laid out on a roof, which almost completely guarantees you that you’ll end up with a unique roof that nobody has seen anything quite like before, especially if you choose one of the more unique laying patterns. Slate tiles can be set uniformly or at varying widths, as well as overlapping each other in different ways. The slate tiles could also be in different colours, creating a mix-matched look that may work well for a quirkier house or someone looking to stand out in their neighbourhood.

Installing a Slate Tile Roof on Your Home

Slate tile roofing is extremely particular in its installation method. You should only ever hire a company that specialises in this roofing style so that you can guarantee a good result. Make sure that the company you hire is licensed, insured, and certified or accredited to ensure reliability. It would also be beneficial to check with past customer reviews or references, especially if you stop by their homes to see the unique work in person.

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