Boost your Retail Outlet’s Security with Commercial Roller Shutters


If you run a small retail outlet, security is always a concern, and the most cost effective way to protect a small business premises, is with bespoke roller shutter doors. Modern units are both durable and attractive, and with all the access points covered, you can rest assured that no one can make a forced entry. Made to measure solutions guarantee a perfect fit, and with a choice of either manual or motorised operation, the units are the perfect security solution.

Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminium

There are roller shutters and roller shutters, and should a supplier offer a seemingly too good to be true price, it probably involves cheap and flimsy panels, and the level of protection is simply inadequate. Ideally, you should have panels that are at least 1mm in thickness, with 1.2mm offering more than enough protection. If, for instance, a business owner was looking for commercial roller shutters in Perth, there is an established company that services all regions of WA, and with their help, you can have cost effective security for your shop.

Sleek and Elegant

When the shutters are up, the entire mechanism fits nicely into a pelmet box, giving you a sleek and tidy look, and with a choice of colours, you can even have some advertising applied onto the surface, for maximum exposure. A single unit can span up to 4.5 metres, and anything wider can have a removable vertical support for added strength. Whatever the size of your shop front, bespoke creations will ensure the roller shutters are in keeping with the look of the premises.

Affordable Security

You can forget video surveillance or sophisticated infrared alarms, as modern aluminium roller shutter doors offer you all the security you need, and with a professional installation and a long product warranty, your business premises will always be as you left it when you arrive in the mornings. If you would like a supplier to quote you for your shop front, an online search is by far the easiest way to source an established contractor, and with their help, you can select the right combination.

Kiosks and Booths

Many people have said goodbye to their salaried jobs and have launched out on a small retail venture, and for the ideal security, you can have bespoke roller shutters made to fit perfectly. It doesn’t matter the size or shape of your retail area, the experts can tailor the solution, and with a motorised unit, operation is effortless.

Shop Entrances

Some retail outlets have a small covered area before the actual entrance, and with window displays on either side, this makes for a security risk. A local contractor would tailor the units to fit, and with all the windows securely under lock and key, your outlet will be safe from thieves and unwanted intruders.

For all businesses, large and small, costs need to be kept to a minimum, and by installing bespoke roller shutters, you have affordable yet effective security for your business premises. There are online suppliers of bespoke commercial shutters, and once you have made contact with a local contractor, they will be able to quote you for the project.

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