Choosing a Professional Arborist in WA


Selecting an expert tree surgeon isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Any work which involves large trees should be done correctly, there is potential for dangerous incidents to occur not only to yourself but to the contractors working on the job. If you are planning on hiring a professional arborist in WA, take some time to choose the right team for the project.

Here are some tips to consider before hiring a tree surgeon.

Check Their Credentials

It is always important to check a company’s credentials before you hire them, they might talk the talk, but what you must figure out is whether they walk the walk. Every employee who works on their team must be a fully qualified arborist and not just somebody who has bought a chainsaw and decided to start cutting down trees. If you’ve come across a company offering removals or tree lopping services in Perth, you must first establish their credentials. When you are speaking to a company, ask about their team. Find out what experience they have with the service you are looking for and inquire about their qualifications.

Track Record

It is vital that you check their references to gather information on the level of service they claim to provide. There are several ways to see whether a company has a good reputation in your locality. The easiest is to search their company name online, you should come across customer reviews and assessments. If you find that several comments are positive, you may want to contact them and inquire about their services. You should only settle for an arborist who provides ethical work practices, anyone else must not be considered.

Don’t Focus Solely on Discounts

One thing many customers do to their own detriment is concentrating solely on price. They come across a company who offer all sorts of services for incredibly low prices and they jump at the offer. You must think about why they’re offering such reduced rates.

  • Are they struggling for business?
  • Why are they struggling to get customers?
  • Are they doing it to attract customers because they aren’t fully qualified as arborists?

There are numerous reasons why a company might offer reduced rates, but most of them won’t be to your liking. Arborists perform dangerous work, and their pay matches the risk involved, that is why they charge a certain price for their services.

No Spikes or Spurs Allowed

You should never allow someone who calls themselves a qualified arborist to climb your tree using footwear with spikes or spurs. Professional tree surgeons never use this type of equipment to climb trees because they know exactly what it can do to the tree. It causes open wounds and unnecessary damage.

There are several things to consider when hiring an arborist. Reputable arborists won’t offer low priced market rates, the work they carry out isn’t inexpensive, and only unqualified contractors will offer discounted rates to entice customers. Professionals won’t damage your trees, they’ll have excellent credentials, and an impress track record within the community.


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