Common Roofing Issues and How to Deal with Them


We all know just how important the roof is on any building, and no matter how well made a roof is, it will eventually require some repairs. The best way to ensure that your roof is in good order, is to have it inspected on a regular basis, and with that in mind, here are a few common roofing issues that you might encounter.

  1. Missing or Broken Roof Tiles – The most common of all roofing problems, gale force winds can easily lift clay or slate roof tiles, and should this happen, there is affordable roofing in Bristol, who can carry out prompt repairs.
  2. Guttering Issues – The guttering is essential, as it provides an escape channel for excess rainwater, and it can easily become clogged with wet leaves and small twigs. The downpipes also need to be free of obstructions, otherwise it will cause water to back up during heavy rain. You should clean out the guttering every 6 months, which will ensure free flowing water when it rains heavily.
  3. Chimney Problems – The chimney is normally above the roof line, and this puts it at risk of being damaged by flying debris in a storm. Not only that, constant battering by the weather can quickly erode the mortar joints between the bricks, and repointing is needed.
  4. Soffit & Fascia Damage – If these boards are made of timber, they can decay quite quickly, and your soffit and fascia actually protect the underside of the roof and are therefore, important.

Keeping your eye on the roof is important, as this will reveal any issues, and they can quickly be repaired before too much damage occurs.

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