How Can You Make Your Home Look More Bigger In Space?


In the present apartment culture, the rooms have become compact to have the least. The modern real estate developers pay emphasis on making a spacious living room, big kitchen, in order to go a royal look, this combines as top reasons why the rooms have got smaller. Are you too residing in such a flat? To your good fortune, in this post, we list easy to do hacks to make your home feel and appeal bigger than its actual sqft.

  • Declutter

The easiest way to add a few sqft to your home is by decluttering every nook and corner of your residency. It’s time to get rid of the stuff you don’t need, analyze them, if they are expensive, sell them off by organizing a garage sale.

  • Repainting Your Entire House

Well, you probably are tempted to go with bold colour walls you see in Hollywood movies, but, if you are residing in a house lesson space, then you have to consider light colours. It is proven that light and neutral colours have an uncanny ability to make the room feel spacious.

  • Mirrors

Add mirrors where ever you can, such as the hallway, the restroom. This is an easy hack to make space feel bigger own to its reflection. This is a highly recommended hack to give a try.

  • Compact Furniture

This is a rule for small designer homes; consider having small furnishing rather than bulky items those are tough to maneuver from one place to another. You can also consider multi-function furniture like the coffee table that works as a Centre table.

  • Fabric & Rugs

Ideally, it is highly recommended for fabrics and rugs to go with plain colours and small prints. The unified colours will play a pivotal role in expanding your small room.

  • Let More Natural Light In

To make your space look bigger allow more natural light in your house. For this, it is best to have light-coloured curtains to let the refresh morning rays of sun to come. You can also add a skylight to watch the natural sun rays.

  • Replace Doors with Glass

Rather than closing the room with a traditional door, go with glass door. This plays a central role in adding more depth to your house. In addition to that, you know that your items are visible from outside, you probably want to keep the room clutter-free, which in turn add a few sqft from the eyes of the viewer.

  • Oversized Art

Designer homes expert believe hanging oversized art on the walls will make your space feel bigger, and more impactful.

  • Check Your Rug size

Go with small size rugs to create an illusion of bigger space.

  • Widen Narrow Doorways

The easy hack is to paint the edges of the doorway in s contrasting colour. This is pivotal in making space feel with more depth.

At the end of it all, if you follow the above-highlighted hacks you are bound to end up creating an illusion of a bigger room.

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