How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom


The ancient study of Feng Shui reveals several secrets and ideas which can enhance the chi or energy in your bedroom. Often things within your bedroom will reflect what is happening in your relationships and love life. When creating the Feng Shui bedroom, you are creating harmony and balance where you spend a lot of your time, rejuvenating your soul and body. Sleeping is an important activity and you can rest peacefully if you integrate harmony into your sleeping environment. And that can be achieved by creating a Feng Shui bedroom. The Feng Shui bedroom tips listed in this article will provide you with some effective ideas to help you encourage and harmonize positive energy flow around your bedroom.

Following are some ideas you should consider if you want to Feng Shui your bedroom:

Get Two Nightstands for a Harmonious Look (Even If You Live Alone)

Symmetry is one of the defining principles of Feng Shui because of its association with balance. When it comes to representing duality and romance, symmetry takes on additional significance. Feng Shui views the bedroom as a place for a couple. So, even if you live alone, it recommends that you design your furniture as if you are not. For instance, Feng Shui recommends having two nightstands on both sides of the bed. Having two nightstands creates a harmonious look and symbolizes balance. That’s why if you have a nightstand on one side of your bed, then it is recommended that you make sure to have a nightstand on the other side as well.

Bed Should Be Easily Accessible from Both Sides

The bed is the most important part of your bedroom. You want it to be in a command position. So, you should place it in full view of the door. However, don’t place it in the direct line of the door. It is also recommended that you leave a lot of room on both sides of the bed so that it is easily accessible from both sides. It is also recommended because doing this will allow you to access your bed from all sides. This is a good way to bring romance and love. Another thing to keep in mind is that your bed should never be in the position where your feet are facing the door.

Don’t Have a Desk with Your Back to the Door

Know that the position of the bed as well as the desk alongside it, is one of the most important adjustments you can make to Feng Shui your bedroom. You can make one of the most transformative and fundamental changes for personal happiness and success by simply adjusting your bed and desk. Don’t have the desk with your back to the door, because you want to make sure that you can see the door from your bed. If you want to see the entire room comfortably, then you will need to be as far away from the door as possible. If for some reason you cannot position your bed and desk in this way, then you should place a mirror in such a way that you can easily see a reflection of the door from the bed.

Invest in Plants

Your bedroom should be decorated with some plants and flowers. Some flowers for consideration are forsythia, orchids, ginger, and camellia. However, since peonies are the symbol of marriage and fidelity, they are an ideal choice for your bedroom décor. It is recommended that you set them in pairs rather than as single plants. You should place them in multiple different locations throughout your bedroom. Jade plant (also known as the money plant) is the most auspicious of Feng Shui plants because it resembles pieces of jade or coins. The Jade plant represents Metal or Earth energy that adds stability and nourishment to your life. Earth Chi is another benefit of this plant that helps strengthen relationships.

Use Warm, Relaxing Colors for Décor and Lighting

The colors that you choose for your bedroom should reflect positivity onto your emotional, spiritual, and sexual energy. The perfect colors for the bedroom are a balance of warm and cool colors. The warm colors of white, pink, and yellow can be balanced with the cool colors of grays, blues, and lavender. Since sleeping is a yin activity, it is recommended that you avoid overpowering and loud colors. Instead, you should add a touch of red because it is the color of love and warmth and will do wonders for your bedroom. Similar to colors, lighting is also an important part of the Feng Shui bedroom. The lighting in your bedroom should not be too dim or too bright. You will want to have comfortable lighting because it is the key to a great, relaxing bedroom.

Just moved house? To make it easier to get started with Feng Shui in your home while unpacking, make sure to label your boxes with which room they should go to. That way, your van and man hire can place the boxes in the correct rooms. This will save you time later on when you are set to Feng Shui your bedroom.

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