How To Grow Your Home With A Tight Budget? 5 Tips


Are you going to renovate your property or not, it is usually a question that answers itself. Does your home or apartment suffer from moisture problems or other annoying inconveniences? Then postponement is no longer an option.

But renovations are usually unfortunate: busy at work, busy with the children, the budget to be released comes at an unfortunate moment … you know that. Fortunately, it is possible to change a lot with your budget with a tight budget.Here are 5 saving tips!

  1. Necessary renovations

Building a house does not necessarily have to be a thorough total renovation. Just restrict your ankle to the actual necessary adjustments and plan those nice-to-haves for later. This way you keep the costs much more under control and you can do the most necessary renovation work.

Which renovations give your best priority?

  1. Moisture problems
    Everybody wants a dry living at least. Water problems make it impossible for you to use useful spaces in a home and are not good for health.
  2. Insulation
    The worse the house is insulated, the more you pay for gas & electricity and the more awkward it is to live in it.The good insulation of your home is therefore an investment that easily returns late. The sooner you isolate your home, the better for your wallet in the future.
  3. Decoration renovations
    The least urgent of the 3, but a maintenance of your facade, kitchen or bathroom will give your home a very new look and feel immediately.
  4. Think forward-looking

A property is not a short term purchase, but an investment for the future. It is therefore always advisable to keep in mind the longer term in each conversion.

  • If some investments are now more expensive than expected, but a higher return is guaranteed over a few years, please do not hesitate.
  • If some facilities are financially overweight, you may be able to provide facilities for future installations, such as stairs, swimming pools, domotics, and so on.
  1. The choice of material

The handrail of a staircase with a beautiful finish, an artisanal windowbreak … Nice, but expensive. Most often, a simple device gives an equally nice result.

It is widely known that there are many different types of conversion materials, the one that is all the more exclusive than the other. However, it does not mean that less expensive materials are of lesser quality. On the contrary sometimes.

A good example is laminate where the distinction with a wooden floor can hardly be seen. Moreover, it is much more maintenance-friendly. The same can be said of PVC windows: a very good price / quality ratio and energy-friendly.

  1. Do it yourself

If you are handy and not dirty to put your hands out of your sleeves, you can save a lot of costs by performing some simple tasks.

Keep in mind that everything takes longer and that the end result is usually of not the same quality as from renovation experts. Genuine specialized refurbishments give you better care to professionals.

  1. Budget monitoring

Make sure you know your maximum budget and always keep all the costs incurred. This way you can monitor your budget and make sure they do not go out of the way.

  • Opt for contractors or renovation coordinators with proven service.
  • Always request a minimum of 3 quotes so you can compare.
  • Keep in mind that for operations where you also need a building permit, the law requires the appointment of an architect.
  • Do not always choose the latest trends. Expenses are therefore lower and you are therefore more sure that the materials are adequately tested.
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