How to Keep Warm and Cosy on a Budget


You can achieve the ultimate in warmth of comfort when you make the choice for a wood burning stove. Not only can stoves be added in a traditional setting but they can also be included in contemporary decors. You just need to match the stove to your room’s design.

For example, quality wood burning stoves in Christchurch may feature the following amenities:

  • A steel firebox that heats areas requiring shorter burn times
  • Reduced depth for ease of installation
  • A cast iron profile that increases the distribution of radiant heat
  • Heating efficiency of about 75%
  • A warranty that typically lasts about 15 years

Freestanding Stoves

Some of the stoves that are featured are designed as freestanding models. These stoves are ideal for medium-spaced areas. A stove with a tall profile enables the user to enjoy a line-of-sight view of the flame as well. This type of stove offers a bold design and clean lines, making it a focal point of a living area.

Some of the Accessories

Some of the stoves that are available also feature porcelain or painted sides and come in various colours. In addition, wood burning stoves come with such accessories as an air wash, floating firebox, or baffle system. In some instances, you can add a two-speed blower for versatility.

To make a selection for a stove, review the area that will be covered. Do you want to make the stove the main feature of the room? If so, the stove should be stylish and taller in dimension. You also want to review the materials. Most often, solid steel stoves are used in contemporary settings whilst cast iron stoves are preferred in more rustic environments.



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