How to Keep Your Kids Safe Around the Pool This Summer


In summer, going to the pool becomes one of the best forms of entertainment for both adults and children because it helps to keep you fresh despite the high temperatures. Also, playing in the pool is a very beneficial activity for children’s motor, physical and emotional development.

For the experience to be positive and safe at the same time, you must not forget to take the necessary precautions when children are close to the water. Keep reading to find some child safety tips for keeping your children safe at the pool.

Don’t take your eyes off them.

Although it seems the most obvious advice, it is best to repeat it as many times as needed. Accidents can happen in just a second of distraction, especially with children.

Kids can be very bold around the pool and not see the danger of their actions, so they must be guarded at all times even if they know how to swim. You must notify them of any threat and act as soon as possible in the event of an accident.

Install CCTV Security Cameras

If your children are big enough to know how to swim by themselves, you can choose to install security cameras that allow you to see them and understand what they are doing. This way, you can keep them under surveillance while doing some other activities away from the pool.

Additionally, there are safety devices such as pool alarms, which are installed on the edges or inside the pool and emit a signal in case the system detects a fall.

Set rules for games

Many times children are not aware of the danger that surrounds them, much less when they are playing and having fun. As adults, it is essential to set the rules for behaving both inside and outside the pool. For example, no running or pushing around the pool, no jumping from the edge or over others and no sinking.

Avoid entering the pool with toys

The temptation to pick up a toy that is floating in a deep area of ​​the pool can cause an accident, so make sure you keep all toys out of the water and far enough away from the edge.

At the end of a swimming session, ensure all toys are taken out of the pool and stored away correctly.

Install pool fences

Fences found in the community pool can also be installed in private pools. This way, you can prevent the little ones from entering the pool without supervision. While these fences have doors with locks, it is crucial to explain to children that they must respect the fence as it is there for their safety.

There is always the possibility that they open it on their own or try to climb it to enter the pool, which may cause an accident. Be mindful of where your child is at all times.

Keep baby’s things away from the pool

When you have a baby, it is common to carry a bag, stroller or baby capsule. When going to a pool, it is essential to maintain a considerable distance between these objects and the water for several reasons, the most critical being to prevent them from falling into the water or being splashed by someone who is inside the pool.

Teach them about sun protection

We always hear that the main recommendation to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays is to use protective creams and lotions; however, this is not the only way. Drinking water frequently, wearing sunglasses and wearing a hat are methods that also help avoid sunburn and dehydration.

For younger children and those with very light skin, it is advisable to wear t-shirts and swimsuits that have a sun protection factor. There are some fabulous rashies and sun-safe swim sets on the market so invest in these to protect your child.

Prefer inflatable vests

Children must have some flotation system to help them move in the water until they learn to swim well on their own. Remember that inflatable jackets are the safest mechanisms of this type.

The floats used on the waist and arms make it difficult for children to get out of the water in case they turn around, so they may not be the most advisable.

These are just some essential tips. You should always be aware of the safety hazards that may be present both in the pool and its surroundings and look for ways to minimize accidents. If you do, you and your children will be able to enjoy a hot summer day at the pool to the fullest.

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