How to Safely shift Indoor Plant in your New Home


Packing and moving is one of the tiresome tasks, and it becomes more complicated if you are plants lover and have lots of  have houseplants to be packed and moved in your new abode safely, as they are delicate just like your toddlers, that’s why you will have to take extra care while moving them because small mistake can damage them easily and you lose your favorite plants, which you had dreamed to grow at your new home.

If you want your leafy friends to make your new residence more attractive, you will have to plan earlier with a stress-free mind about how you will pack and move them so that they don’t get damaged during your entire shifting process. The better care you will give your leafy friends during the big shifting day, the more quickly they will adjust in your new environment.

We agree that packing and moving your houseplants is never an easy task, as it sounds to be as they are oversensitive, but you can move your beloved plants by doing proper planning like which plants you want to relocate in your new abode, arranging suitable packing materials, trim your plants extra branches, etc. to shift them safely.

You can also hire expert Packers and Movers in Thane who can take complete responsibility to pack and move your houseplants by taking extra care during the entire transit so that your leafy friends can quickly provide sufficient time to your favorite leafy friends to survive and adjust in your new abode.

We have seen many people get confused enough while packing and moving their houseplants, and they fail to relocate their favorite plants due to lack of required knowledge, that why we are here to assist you stepwise how you can easily pack and prepare your leafy-friends to shift and adjust in your new house.

Before Shifting day

  • Remember to trim your houseplants before moving day: To provide extra protection to your plants while transit, so that they maintain energy during shifting in your new residence, make sure they remain healthy during the entire relocation process.

One of the best ways to pack and move them securely is to trim their extra and dead branches and leaves so that the plant will not waste any energy due to unwanted or dead parts, which are not needed. If you have trimmed your leafy friends long back, then cut them before the big relocation day, so that you will not have to face any complexity during transit, which can damage them.

  • Always use proper packing supplies: To have a safe and damage-free relocation of your favorite plant’s adequate packing is essential, so invest your time to arrange or inform your Moving companies to come with all the suitable packing supplies to provide extra protection to your desired plats to move them safely.

You can pack your large plants using an old bed sheet or tissue paper to avoid breaking of branches. You can also put newspaper around the base of the container to hold the pot in place and make air holes in the sides of the box to allow your plants to breathe. Once you are done with packing all your plants properly, clearly label at the top and sides writing “PLANTS” to avoid any mistakes while loading and unloading them.

  • Water your plants appropriately: Instead of spraying them on the shifting day, you must water them adequately before the relocation day so that they can survive the entire moving process more securely without getting damaged. Watering your plants will help you to pack and move them quickly as they will not be full of water.

On the big Moving day

  • Never make the mistake of leaving your plants in vehicle overnight: Never make the mistake of leaving your houseplants in a moving truck overnight, as they can get damaged due to uncomfortable temperatures.
  • That why you must load your houseplants at last moment while relocating them to your new home and remember to unload your plants at first after shifting in your new home to protect them from any damage.
  • It’s good to take them in your own vehicle: One of the safer ways to relocate your leafy friends is to transport them your own vehicle so that you can take care of them during transit and provide them a safe zone.

After you move into your new home:

  • Try to unpack your wrapped plats quickly: After you successfully relocated with help of AssureShift to your new desired home, you must Unpack your plants rapidly, so that you can place them in suitable pots so that they can start adjusting in your new house environment quickly.
  • Take extra care of your plants: After you unpack and repot your plants, they will start settling into their new yard slowly, you must take care of them to help them adjust and survive in the new environment, by avoiding plants to put in direct sunlight for first few days in your new home. Remember to water them appropriately so that they may recover quickly.

We hope the above-stated tips will help you to pack and move your favorite houseplants with complete care to make your new home full of green leafy friends, which can make your new house a dream home.

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