Installing Artificial Grass: What You Should Know


If you decide to replace your natural turf for artificial glass, you are making a good decision. By adding an artificial lawn, you can save money on the fuel used to cut the lawn as well as enjoy more time with your family.

Also, an artificial lawn does not promote weed growth and looks good any time of the year. The grass also looks like natural grass. Therefore, you can save a great deal of expense on lawn care. Not only can you save on petrol, you also do not have to spend extra on irrigation, weeding, or fertilisation.

How an Artificial Lawn Is Installed

According to artificial grass suppliers in EN8, an artificial lawn installation entails the following steps:

  • The old lawn is removed.
  • After the substrate is prepared, a geo textile that is water permeable is applied to the site.
  • A stone layer is then added and compacted.
  • A sharp sand layer is blinded over the stone layer. Sharp sand is used instead of soft sand because it has better binding properties. The site is then compacted once more and screeded.
  • The artificial lawn is rolled out and secured. A staple is used to affix the grass carpet.
  • Joins are joined and glued using joining tapes and an adhesive made of polyurethane.

Enhance Your Property’s Kerb Appeal

After the above steps are taken, the new artificial grass is top-dressed with kiln dried sand before it is brushed well. The grass makes a lovely addition to any garden or yard as it looks natural and is easy to maintain. See for yourself why this type of installation will enhance the kerb appeal for your own property.

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