Keep Your Trees Healthy by Contacting a Tree Surgeon in Your Area


Tending to your trees every once in a while can be very necessary if you intend to keep them healthy, especially if they are newer trees. Pruning, for example, helps fight infections and insects, and it also keeps your trees healthy, safe, and looking good.

Tree surgeons have a unique set of equipment that allows them to safely and systematically perform work on trees. They offer a wide range of services and are able to adjust their approach to every situation.

How Do You Know Which Service You Need?

Everybody’s needs will be different, and unless you are an expert, it can be difficult to know what the right move is. That’s why tree surgeons in Staines can conduct site visits and evaluate the condition of your trees before making a decision. The following are just some of the potential solutions to tree-related concerns.

  • Crown reduction and felling
  • Crown lifting
  • Tree coppicing
  • Tree pruning
  • Pollarding
  • Dead wooding

Tree Felling and Site Clearance

Whether it’s for safety reasons or for building purposes, sometimes trees need to come down. The easiest and safest way to remove one or more trees is by contacting a tree surgeon in your area.

For tree felling and stump removal, tree surgeons use a handful of different tools to make sure the job gets done efficiently and safely. They remove dead trees, trees that pose a safety threat for your property, and trees that are simply in the way.

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