Log cabins – what do you need to know?


These days, the experts can notice that more and more people fell in love with log cabins. They are seen at the allotments in the middle of nowhere as well as in the gardens of thousand British and Irish houses. However, there are some issues that every potential buyer needs to be aware of before he or she makes the final decision and purchases the log cabin of their dreams. This article will explain all of them.

  1. Different types of log cabins
  2. Planning permission
  3. Heating methods
  4. Where to get the relevant knowledge on the log cabins?

Different types of log cabins

Before you make the final decision concerning log cabins for sale ireland, it is worth to get familiar with various types of cabins. They are following:

– single room log cabins that are perfect for maximum two people for a short stay.

– multi room log cabins – they are great if you have a large family and you plan to stay out of your home for a longer period of time. They are also more comfortable and consist of one, two or three bedrooms.

– garden log cabins – there are many types of timber cabins dedicated to garden amateurs. They are: garden offices, wooden BBQ huts, garden chalets, garden studios as well as wooden garages.

Planning permission

Everyone who has ever built a standard house made of brick and concrete knows exactly how difficult and time consuming is getting planning permissions. However, if you decide to live in a log cabins, you do not have to worry about permissions if your log cabins for sale ireland is smaller than 25 square meters. Moreover, if it is bigger than 25 square meters and you live in a log cabins friendly area, you may count on more understanding from your local building department. However, it is strongly advisable to contact with your local authorities before you start ordering log cabins to avoid misunderstandings and serious problems.

Heating methods

Another important issues regarding log cabins for sale ireland are heating methods. A lot of potential customers ask the employees of Timber living (the leader of manufacturing, delivering and building in Ireland) about different ways of heating of the timber cabin. Luckily, those workers have usually a lot of good news. The timber cabin can be heated in the same way as a traditional house. However, the most common methods of heating are: natural gas stove, solid fuel stove, a log burner, oil boiler, electrical heater and finally underfloor heating.

Where to get the relevant knowledge on the log cabins?

If your dream is to have a log cabins you may visit Timber living, a company which builds log cabins for sale ireland. They will be happy to answer all your questions. What is more, you may also see some of their products in showroom that is located in Tullow, Ireland. It is available for visitors every day from Monday to Friday between 10am and 5:30pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. On Sundays the showroom is closed. Timber living has also two other offices located in Boyle and Cork but they are available only by advance appointment.

As you can see living in a timber cabin has a lot of benefits. You can live close to nature in a stunning house made of timber. Moreover, you do not need any permissions where you live in a log cabins friendly area and if you are interested in getting the full offer of timber cabins you may contact Timber living to get one.

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