Looking for a Challenging Career? Why not Become a Qualified Locksmith?


When looking for a career, it is important to consider the long-term prospects of the industry, and if you enjoy working with your hands, you could train to become a qualified locksmith. The security industry is going through some major changes, but whatever happens, people will always need locks, and therefore, the locksmith will always be in demand.

  • Keyless Access Control – Any person who wishes to become a qualified locksmith would have to embrace the latest technology, and if you are wondering how to proceed, why not talk to your local locksmith in Salisbury, as they might well require a trainee.
  • Full Apprenticeship – Normally, a trainee locksmith would agree to a 3 or 4 year apprenticeship, during which you would learn the theory and gain valuable practical experience under the supervision of an experienced locksmith.
  • College Courses – You would have to enrol in several college course, which might be paid for by your employer, and by attending one day a week, you would learn both the theory and the practical side of the industry.
  • Supervised On-Site Training – As time passes, you will be given more responsibility, all the while being supervised by an experienced locksmith, and this part of the training is essential, as you will gain valuable work experience.

A major part of your training would be learning about new technology, which enables you to install video surveillance systems and keyless access control systems. Once you are a qualified, you can work unsupervised, although you will have to stay with your employer for an agreed amount of time.

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