Making Your Bathroom a Heated Haven


When remodelling your bathroom or when you’re finally at a point where replacing your old radiators is a must, consider using a vertical radiator in your design. Radiators, often seen as bulky, can take up too much space in a bathroom. Especially if your bathroom is small, fitting in a heating source can be frustrating. This is supposed to be your unwinding space, not a space where you bump into something at every turn. Yet the new trend of vertical radiators can help you save space while keeping you warm.

Vertical Radiator Designs

Homeowners are sure to find designer vertical bathroom radiators to fit any design ideas they have. These radiators are sleek and thin, taking up minimal space. Additionally, some designs even offer built-in towel racks. This is especially helpful for smaller bathrooms because it acts as your heating system and a space to store your towels all in one. Now you don’t need extra hooks, racks, and shelves hanging around. In addition, this acts as a personal towel heater, enabling you to step out from the relaxing shower to a nice cosy towel. It will feel just as if it is your own personal spa.

Additional Benefits to Vertical Radiators

Putting a radiator in your bathroom not only supplies heat so you aren’t shivering and cold after a warm bath or shower but also helps prevent the growth of mould in your bathroom. Some vertical radiators even offer mirrors attached to them, making them blend in with the surroundings so your guests’ eyes won’t be drawn to a bulky heating system.

Some might think that putting up heated towel rails might serve as a radiator for the bathroom and save money, yet these don’t warm bathrooms efficiently and it will waste more space to install both. Vertical radiators can be cost-effective, depending on size and design; they offer something for every budget.

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