Mesh Wi-Fi Systems, A Solution For Your WiFi Problems. Here’s Why!


Through the years, the Wi-Fi speeds have improved impressively. However, it seems like the wireless router never really changed. This has a single access point that can usually just cause problems because of its limited range. Most of the time, users have to deal with dead spots and fluctuating signal strength. Thankfully, a solution was found through a mesh Wi-Fi router system.

According to YourSmartHomeGuide, a mesh network or sometimes called ‘mesh WiFi’ can use multiple devices to provide enough coverage even for a larger area. One unit will act as the main access point and the other satellites will expand the signal range. This is done by rebroadcasting the network into a wider area. Some of the most popular companies that sell these mesh router systems are Google, Eero, and Netgear.

Mesh Wifi Systems: How Can It Solve Network Issues?

One of the most obvious reasons why many are now enjoying the use of mesh wifi networks is because of the increase in wireless coverage. This solution is greatly experienced in larger houses or uniquely-shaped apartments. Because of its own hub, you will be able to have a solution that can solve weak signal or slow network speeds.

Mesh networks have a modular network that will let you expand your network range if you need it to. For example, if you want to make your basement your office, you can just buy am additional access point so that you can cover this space with the existing network at home. This is possible because the mesh networks will rebroadcast the same network that you have been using.

Most of the mesh WiFi systems nowadays come with the support that you can use with your smart home technology at home. Google WiFi is just one of them that can work with any other Google Home devices. In fact, this can also work even with Apple’s HomeKit. You can unify all of your smart devices using only one unified network.

The coverage would be seamless between these access points which cannot be easily achieved if you are using a regular router. The mesh network systems are probably the most modern device nowadays that are specifically designed for this era where smartphones and tablets are the easiest modes of communication through the internet.

Mesh Wifi Network Systems: Do You Need One?

Now that you know what a mesh wifi network system is and how it can improve your wifi problems, you are probably wondering by now if you really need it or not for your home or office? The simple answer to that is, if you have a large home with two or more bedrooms, or if your office is located in an area where it would be impossible to get wifi signal from your regular wifi router, then you should have a mesh wifi network system. When your house is built with thick walls or if you need to have wifi signal on multiple floors, then that is another reason for you to get this new mesh wifi system to cater to your WiFi needs.

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