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Whether you’ve moved to a new place or are renovating your home, choosing the best furniture takes the most attention. The first thing that jumps to your mind is to search online furniture shops. Our online furniture shop WOODGreen offers a fantastic collection of furniture.

Whether you require furniture for kitchen, rooms, lounge, bathroom, or office, WoodGreen has a massive selection of basic to furnished furniture for your living space to the workplace. This brand new online store gets immense popularity among UAE residents due to its premium quality and excellent customer value.

Online Dining Table

WoodGreen furniture shop has an enormous table range in classic to modern and rustic to urban styles. Your dining room space is the reflection of your living style and taste. Decorating your dining area with a simple and luxurious touch under a limited budget seems impossible. However, WoodGreen offers a gateway to fulfilling your requirements with the most stylish dining tables.

Every modern home must have a dining table. The WOODGreen dining table includes big rectangles to small square and round tables.

Dining tables are also available in expendable options. Their ingenious design with 100% high wood quality and chromatic colours is a complete style package.

Some of the most demanded and sold dining tables of WOODGreen furniture are given below

  • Make a Statement By Choosing The Living Edge Wooden Dining Table with Blue Epoxy LE44

Edge Wooden dining table with blue epoxy is an incredible example of our classic indigenous design. For experiencing a light-filled dinner, place dramatic pendant light above the table. This transitional-style table is undoubtedly an epitome blend of a contemporary and modern masterpiece. The blue epoxy between the wood planks gives crystal clear essence to the dining table.

  • Round Wooden Dining Table

A round wooden table is a durable piece of furniture and a must-have table for your home. This purpose-built, elegantly carved, a round-shaped table can be an ornament for your dining area.

  • Live Edge Dining Table

WoodGreen live edge dining table is a blend of design in alliance with contemporary trends. This specific table design is in alignment with modern trends. The Live Edge dining table has two standard design legs that make it stronger.

  • Wood Dining Table Red Epoxy

This specific custom made dining table has a very exotic design. Red epoxy is poured very carefully on both sides of the table. It keeps old wooden dining spirits alive with a modern touch.

  • Pine Dining Table

This simple and beautiful table is all built using pure pine wood. This table is a blend of both modern and rustic dining tables that fits right in every type of dining area. Pine dining table looks more elegant due to their shiny surface and simple design.

Final Thought

We have suggested different dining tables that are readily available at our site. You can also customize them according to your needs. These excellent custom made dining tables are just a click away from you. Order them here.

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