Pouring Passion Into Design


Spark Modern Fires offers a wide variety of modern fireplaces to provide you with the absolute best in construction, performance, and style. If you are shopping for a top-of-the-line modern fireplace, look no further than a Spark for an elegant and truly inspired fireplace design that provides heat conservation and energy efficiency to save you money. With a designer gas fireplace from Spark Fires, everything is in your control, from the temperature to the flame length and size.

A modern indoor gas fireplace from Spark Fires can replace and improve upon the traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Spark Fires elegant designs come in a variety of looks from see-through and multi-sided fireplaces to enjoy from every angle to more traditional wall mounted designs. They also offer options for vented or vent-free fireplace designs to fit a flawless fireplace design in any room in your home.

If you are looking for a cutting-edge outdoor gas fireplace, Spark Fires offers contemporary designs with spectacular views for outdoor living as well. Use the element of fire to liven up your living space and inspire creativity. From fireboxes with unique glass fire objects to linear burners and fireplaces installed in pool walls – their state-of-the-art fireplace designs have become more of a work of art than ever before.

With the Spark Fire modern fireplace designs, you have the ultimate design freedom for endless possibilities. Their commitment to creating new and flawlessly designed fireplaces sets them apart from all other manufacturers and designers. For luxurious indoor and outdoor fireplaces, Spark Fires is the leading-edge contemporary fireplace design company to transform your home, and you can see their pride and passion present in all of their designs!

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