Some Reasons Why Many People Happier in a Smaller House


Surely having a bigger house is better, right? Then why are so many Australians are now deciding to go for smaller ones? Let’s take a look and consider some great reasons as to just why you’ll actually be more content in a smaller home:

  1. Naturally, they’re more affordable and cheaper to maintain, Try thinking along the lines of insurance, taxes, heating, cooling, electricity etc.
  2. Lower debt and lower risk. There’s plenty of online calculators will can assist you in determine “how much home you can afford.” These specifications are all based upon the amount of net income, savings, current debt, and monthly mortgage payments. Check one out.
  3. Easier to take care of. Any of you out there who has ever owned a home will be aware of the amount of time, energy, and effort it takes to maintain it. Top quality prefab houses in Perth, need a lot less of your time, energy, and effort to sort such matters out.
  4. Just a little time is spent cleaning. And if that isn’t reason enough, nothing is!
  5. Mentally Independent. Just like with all possessions, the more things we own, the more they happen to own us! The very same is certainly true with our largest, most valuable asset, so buying small will free your mind.
  6. Less ecological impact. The smaller type of home uses fewer resources to construct and fewer resources to manage.
  7. Time will be on your side. Most of the advantages above will naturally result in the freeing up of our daily plan for us to pursue those little things in life that really matter – whatever they are.
  8. More family bonding. The smaller home brings about increased social interaction among family members.
  9. Compels you to get rid of unnecessary baggage. A smaller home move will make you intentionally cut back on your belongings.
  10. Fewer reasons to accumulate. If there’s no space in your house for that brand new treadmill, you won’t be so tempted to buy it in the first place. (Don’t forget that a great number of those devices end up not being used anyway and take up much room!)
  11. Not so much decorating. Some people do adore the idea of having to choose wall colours, carpet colour, furniture, window treatments, decorations, and other things such as light fixtures for dozens of rooms, and some just don’t!
  12. A larger market for it to sell. By using common sense, a smaller, more affordable house will be more attractive to a larger chunk of the population than a more costly, less affordable one.

At the end of the day, the purchase of a home is a personal choice and can weigh in even more factors to those who are making the decision of moving into one.

If you are interested in seeing what’s out there on the market today in Australia, just simply go online and see what comes up in a search engine and away you go!

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