Storage Ideas To Reinvent Your Garage


We know that your garage can get full of junk right under your nose. We tend to adopt the attitude of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it comes to our garages. However, we think that 2017 is the time to start and change that usual thought process, and make a fresh start with your garage. That’s why we’ve thought of a few ingenious and simple ways to keep your garage clutter free, and ensure its kept that way for some time!

The Bike Shelf

This is a great idea for the bikers out there. Adding a bike shelf is a great addition not only a great way to ensure that your bicycle tyre does not bring in dirt to the garage, but also a space-effective storage hack. This will give you the option to store all the components (i.e. helmet or visibility vest) together!

Screwdriver Coat Rack

When it comes to tools, most of us do not keep them in a neat and defined order. In fact, most of us tend to place them anywhere we can, accumulating various tools that we’re not sure what they do, or why we need them. This is certainly the case when it comes to screw drivers, with so many variants available, all needed for different household chores, it would make more sense to keep them all together. The screwdriver coat rack design could actually allow you to write the name on each, which will ensure that you know what each is for and of course help you with that clutter.

Shovel Rack Storage

Similar to the screwdriver coat rack idea, the shovel storage rack is a great way to keep all your shovels in one place, whilst also ensuring that the clutter stays away!

This idea will certainly be for those green fingered amongst us. The shovel rack will also be a perfect solution to store your lawn mower and any other gardening tools.

Recycling Bin Hangers

We all have those junk drawers, junk cupboards etc. in the house where we store the things that don’t actually have a place. These bin hangers are a great way to keep small bits and pieces that could be lost in amongst the junk in your garage, meaning you no longer need to spend hours looking for them. These bins are a great and practical way to organise your garage and a time saving solution too.

Easy and Cheap Shelving

Garage shelves can be a nuisance, particularly if you’re trying to build something complex. However, these garage shelving units are cheap and easy and will provide the perfect economical storage solutions. In fact, you can build these shelving units for very little money, very little effort, and very little time.

Maximise on vertical space

Whilst most look at stacking, in a garage this is not always a safe or the best option and in fact could mean you’re not making the most of your garage. Most DIY stores will offer vertical shelving units. Tidying these items, and putting them in to specific spaces could give you even more space!

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