The Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Grandfather Clock


Synopsis: This article aims to educate the reader about grandfather clocks, which are very popular additions in many UK homes.

If you are thinking of acquiring a grandfather clock to feature in your home, there is much to learn. These antique timepieces come in all shapes and sizes and when searching for a suitable piece to adorn your interior, it should be something that looks like it belongs. Most UK homeowners know very little about grandfather clocks, and with that in mind, here are a few important things to bear in mind when sourcing a grandfather clock.

  • Check the Footprint – This is essential, as you need to consider the space the clock occupies and is best done by simply measuring the space you want to fill and look for these dimensions when browsing. No grandfather clock will look right if it protrudes too much, so do your measuring and include the ideal height and width and depth. You might need to move other furniture around a little to find the ideal placement.
  • Authenticity – Of course, you must be sure that the clock is in fact, genuine and by approaching a respected antique dealer, you can be sure that the piece is genuine. Whether you opt for a vintage or antique timepiece, the supplier would no doubt have the item’s history. If you spend a couple of hours online, researching grandfather clocks, you’ll be surprised at just how many different types there are, and whenever you wish to acquire an antique furniture item, it is essential to buy from a reputable antique dealer, which almost guarantees the item is genuine.
  • Select a Suitable Style – There are many different styles of a grandfather clock, and the best way to browse is to search the web for reputable online antique dealers, which doesn’t involve driving around. Sourcing an antique clock is easier if you take advantage of online dealers, as they are connected to a network of trusted dealers, giving you more of a selection.
  • Decide on a Budget – As you would expect, there are expensive and very expensive grandfather clocks, depending on the age and condition and should you wish to make a significant investment, talk to a reputable online antique dealer. Once he knows your budget and style preference, he will use his extensive connections to source something suitable. Your budget will very much dictate the scope of your choices and always remember that any valuable antique furniture item will appreciate in value as time passes.
  • Consider Features – Grandfather clocks can have a variety of features, which include chime melodies and night time shut off options. It makes sense to maximise the use of such a distinguished item, and if you talk to an established online antique dealer, they will be able to describe the many features that grandfather clocks offer. You might prefer something bold to be the main feature, or perhaps something a little less ostentatious that will balance the room.

If you would like to browse a wide selection of vintage and antique grandfather clocks, a Google search will put you in touch with a leading online antique dealer, who can source the ideal piece that will transform your interior and appreciate over time.

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