The Outside of My Home Needs a Paint Job – What Shall I Do


When you have to choose the perfect way to get the outside of your home painted, try thinking of it as a fun type of task, as It is beyond a doubt that painting the exterior of one’s home will need a lot more time and effort than the interior.

For starters, you will be dealing with the elements of nature.

  • Plus, there is the possibility that there is more that can go wrong when painting outdoors than indoors.

So, being ready is an important part of any job and If you don’t plan out your paint job, you may make it a more troublesome task. If time is not your friend, then simply hire professional exterior painters in Perth, who can easily get your home painted perfectly for you.  

To make the whole situation work out that much easier, read below for some handy advice which you should follow and things will go hunky dory:

Clean as Clean Can be  

You’re wasting your time painting the walls outside of the home if they are not cleaned. It is obviously more than common sense that any exterior walls will attract a lot more dust and dirt than the interior walls.

  • So, you should first get to work and clean them down

To carry this out, you will need the help of a pressure washer and wash the outside walls smoothly, going from top to bottom.

Via this method, the dirt and debris will trickle downward to the ground, rather than accumulating on the wall.

  • Ensure the surface of the walls are smooth and are in no need no repairs before painting. If there are, then deal with them. Plus, wait until the wall is dry after any repairs prior to painting.
  • Also you must remove any loose paint from the wall by using a paint scraper, which will leave you with a smooth surface which can be easily painted upon.
  • You will have to make sure to add some caulk to any places on the wall where different materials meet, or the paint job will not be smooth.

You will also need to cover up any windows and doors before you begin any painting to protect them from spills and drips. Make use of masking tape to make sure the finish is indeed perfect and don’t forget to cover all sockets and outlets on the walls, plus lights or anything else electrical

Ready Steady Go

After following the above advice, you can now start painting. But, before that, check first that the weather is going to be nice, because there’s no use painting the exterior of a home if the likes of rain is imminent.

By sticking to the wise advice offered above, the paint job of your home’s exterior, will turn out to be a smooth and simple job and you will definitely get the very best of possible results.

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