The Renovation Of Your House In 7 Simple Steps


Renovation Step 1: Orientation – What do I want to grow?

You know what you want to grow. Ok, that’s beautiful. But did you weigh the alternatives and want your partner the same? There are many solutions for the same house with each one’s specific pros and cons. 2 dormer on an average house are beautiful but do not yield as much value as 1 dormer . That second, you really have to do for yourself and not for the added value.

Step 2: Orientation – Cost Renewal

About the cost of the renovation I have written a lot on this site, so I will keep the cost of conversion here limited. The most important thing is that you know as early as possible what renovations cost so that you can start your restoration with a restful heart.

Step 3: Orientation – Financing

Financing a house is difficult nowadays, let alone finance a renovation. So orientate yourself early and wide if you need to borrow or borrow for the renovation. Learn more about financing your renovation.

Step 4: Preparation – Who do I need?

The craftsman, your friend or friend, the contractor, just yourself … the question is how many and what people you all need for new window frames, changing the roof , the interior walls and placing the new kitchen . Or do you only have a kitchen renovation and are you looking for a handy male? It may also need a plumber, electrician and gas fitter again. I would like to tell you more about the roadmap:

Step 5: Preparation – What should I arrange for the conversion start?

Ok, you now know what you want for refurbishment, who you need and who’s going to perform. But do you really know what order should be? This preferably makes it as accurate as possible, so that you are even aware of what you need to go with.Write it out for yourself all the way. An example:

New Dakkapel

  • license required?
  • To make a drawing
  • Request a license (weeks)
  • neighbors discuss left, right, front and back.
  • Request quotes (at the same time)
  • Compare offers (after 2 weeks)
  • keys to budget
  • do or not do?
  • discuss with partner or who has the same opinion
  • choice supplier
  • With contractor / supplier looking at savings options
  • with contractor / supplier looking at design improvements

Make it simple

So your renovation starts with a planned plan. Each step in that step plan is divided into multiple steps. This way you know exactly what to do in the preparation of your renovation. That works well simple and fast.

Small renovation
For a small job as the wallpaper comes down in a room:

  • hire wallpaper
  • girlfriend call to help
  • agree when and what time
  • remove wallpaper
  • garbage bags to clean everything immediately
  • gift present for girlfriend

Step 6: Execution – Performing the conversion

You probably understand the idea of ​​the roadmap now better. Performing is already very practical because you can get started! This version can also be divided into several pieces.

A The construction of the house

The renovation of the house

The construction of the roof and façade must be good, if it shows tearing or sagging, that is the first reason to start there. If the roof shows wood rot, is not isolated, is not solid enough or shows other defects then that is the place to start.At least: if your foundation and facade for the rest are good.

From coarse to fine renovation

The façade, roof and foundation of your house are important to those that together with the inner walls are the base of your house. The rest is less important. During renovation, a part is often not good at this. This can only be noted when you have slipped the ceilings flooring and front walls and cabinets in the house. Cracks in walls become visible and bad places in the house as well. Do not be afraid because it’s almost always remedial, and now it’s time to get it done right away. So you work from coarse to fine.

B de Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation

First of all, you start with the location of the kitchen, you want to move or keep it in the current place. When moving, all pipes must be moved and in a new kitchen in the same location, the distances of the pipes must be much shorter. Unfortunately, you almost always have to let somebody get there because piping of gas and water is very close. And if the kitchen kettle can not cost you more money.

Renovate the kitchen

Is the kitchen block still good enough to renovate or should it be completely renewed? Of course, the cost of the kitchen is largely determined by that. Buying a kitchen is relatively simple. Making it right with the correct connections and preparing everything in the correct order often goes wrong. With a planning it is easy to remedy.

C the bathroom renovation

Create a new bathroom

The bathroom is really the place to relax and the bigger the better it is for you and for future residents (added value!). It’s worth taking care of all your needs, such as a bath, walk in shower, double sink, toilet and plenty of space. It is sometimes best to sacrifice a bedroom for it. And online you can find many materials very cheap, which is a lot different from the construction market and specialty store. V

D Attic renovation

Renovate the attic

If you have placed new roof tiles, the roof has been insulated or if the roof is already good then you can grow the attic. Often the attic is an understated child and that’s a shame because with a dormer the attic is really useful so that you create a lot of added value.

E Living room

The living room grows

The living room is the home where you are the most, but the renovation is easier than the kitchen or bathroom. You only have to pay the cost of the many m² of finishing material. The cost of the living room can increase so much, but you can save a lot by doing this renovation yourself. After all, you can give up on doing something or doing it yourself, and some renovations give you much more than others, and of course you have to do it first.

A good preparation

You see it, when it comes to a renovation, it’s best to look a lot. They ask rice now: Is it a lot of work? By putting in a good way and by doing everything in a good way, you save a lot of time in the execution. By having a good plan beforehand, you can really adjust and determine what is good and not convenient.

The people who really do this beforehand have experienced that they need to invest some time in this preparation, but in the execution it is double and transcending, not just in time but sometimes in money. So pay attention to the preparation, especially when working out more than a wall

Step 7: Deliver

The last step is if you have used a contractor or carpenter, or the stucco or tile work. At this stage, costly mistakes are sometimes made and then it is or just not finished, or you still pay too much.

Hire contractor

When you have hired a contractor, it is important to keep an eye on quality. Of course, he is responsible if the walls are straight, the roof construction is firm and all the pans are well, but there is a big gray area. It’s quite a matter of whether you get a mediocre quality or a top quality.


If your contractor finds that you are “on top of it” and asks critical (but constructive) questions about that slope that is a bit skew, that gutter has not been placed nicely, then he knows that during this renovation (your renovation) for an 8 must go instead of a 6.5. So the delivery really begins during the renovation and not on the last day.

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