Types of cushions for your home


When you are at a place with huge choices available, it is daunting to find the right cushion for yourself. The cushions at your home reflect your personality and style of decoration. It is used to enhance the beauty of the space and complete the decoration effectively.

Classification based on filling

There are various types of cushions based on choices of filling you choose to have inside it 

Foam and latex filling

Cushions with foam and latex filling are low-cost ones. Foam and latex are extensively used in the manufacture of the cushion and other upholstery. The form tends to retain the shape well. These types of cushions are tough and last longer. And the best part is that it can be easily cut into any size and shape.  The foam and latex are used to fill the cushions of different sizes and are readily available in the market in comparatively lower price.

Foam filling

In foam filling, polyurethane mixture is combined with other elements and left to set in a mould. Foam filling can be extremely firm or very soft. It depends on the mixture used in it.  Foam is cut and minced into smaller bits to make the softer cushions.

Hollow fibre ad ball fibre

Another inexpensive cushion filling is the man-made hollow fibre and the ball fibre. It is also the softer type of cushion filling with hollow fibre that is springy and looks like cotton wool, and ball fibre that is small fibre balls.


Feather and down are used to make the cushion, seats and pillows softer. The feather filling is expensive. The feather is combined with more expensive down to make the softer cushions. The more down in the mix, the more expensive these cushions would be. 

Classification based on the cushion cover

Cushions are also classified into different types based on the cushion cover that is used to make it. The choice of cushion cover material, pattern and styling is an immense and never-ending list.

Natural fabrics

Some of the individuals have sensitive skin, and synthetic fabric may cause skin rashes and itching. Cushions made of natural fabric that is not dyed with the chemical are the best for sensitive skins. Natural fabrics used for making cushion cover are cotton, silk and wool. Cotton is the most durable. Silk and wool are beautiful for home decoration, but difficult to wash and requires special cleaning agents to get the dirt out of it and last longer.

Synthetic fabric

Most of the cushions available in the market are made with eh synthetic fabric. These are man-made fabrics or a mix of synthetic and natural fibre. It is a low-cost décor item. Polyester, cotton, satin and nylon are used to make the synthetic fabric. These are extremely durable and washable fabric.

Based on the purpose of the cushion

The cushions are of different types based on the purpose the cushion is used. Some cushions are suitable for any room and can be altered in different rooms based on decoration theme. Cushions used in the living room tend to get dirty than the bedroom as everyone tends to spend more time in the living room. Living room cushions should be durable, easily washable and stain-resistant. The pretty cushions with soft fabric and filling can be used in the bedroom if it is meant exclusively for decoration. 

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