Vinyl Mississauga Windows Frame Cleaning: What Should You Use?


New Mississauga windows are without a doubt, a significant investment that every homeowner is proud of. New windows come with many advantages including saving you on energy expenses, improving the appeal of your home and all these factors improves the value of your home should you decide to sell it. As a homeowner, you would like to see your home looking great, and you are happy if you make those improvements on your own.

Maybe your windows aren’t new, but they have almost half of their lifespan to go. Maintaining your vinyl windows clean is a routine activity that should do. Though vinyl Mississauga windows don’t need a lot of maintenance like their counterparts wood, they still need to be cleaned often. Grime and dust can stick on the surface of your vinyl windows and make them less clear and smooth. There is also dirt that can pile up on your windows especially during the winter. That is why it is recommended to clean your vinyl windows from time to time. It is easy; just choose the right time and products to use. Find out more here.

  1. The Traditional Way: Water and Vinegar.

Vinegar is the best windows Mississauga cleaner. It can be used on multiple surfaces to keep them clean. It can change any dirtiest surface to sparkling clean when used with water. You can add lemon to make the unpleasant smell of vinegar tolerable.

Mix vinegar with water and spray it on your windows using a spray bottle or your bucket. Allow the solution to settle on the surface of your Mississauga windows for some minutes to dissolve the grime. If there are strongly stuck debris, you can loosen them using a scrub brush, and then wipe the solution using a cloth or an old rag, whatever you find best for you. This should leave your windows sparkling clean.

  1. Water and Non-Detergent Soap.

Perhaps you don’t have vinegar in your room, but you have non-detergent soap lying around your home. Products such as Woolite and Murphy Oil soap can be used to clean your window frame.

Vinyl can react with harsh chemicals so don’t use chemicals if you are not sure about how they react with vinyl surfaces, especially if they are not meant to be used on vinyl frames.

You should also not use alcoholic products and ammonia base to clean your vinyl Mississauga windows. This is something you should remember always.

To use vinegar to clean your window frame, start by preparing the solution. Mix a cup of vinegar or non-detergent soap with a gallon of clean water in a bucket. Once you have dissolved all the soap, you can use the solution from the bucket or pour it in a spray bottle.

Now spray the solution and wait for some time for it to dissolve all the dirt. After some minutes, wipe your windows Mississauga frames dry. Rinse the frame with clean water and dry it using a towel or a micro-fibre cloth.

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