What Is The Best Way To Design A Family Friendly Kitchen?


A family friendly kitchen is what every family desires for! When you are constructing a New home, or remodelling your current home, you probably need to pay special attention into this aspect. Irrespective of what age groups your family members belong to or the total count of members in your family, you must ensure that the kitchen is always welcoming, functional and appealing. Here are a few suggestions from the granite supplier Sydney to create a kitchen area that works for your entire family –

Island Design

A kitchen with island design, offers sufficient space for the guests to seat around. Especially for a family with kids, they can spread out on the island made from granite slabs Sydney to do their homework, hangout when the food is being prepared or even to do their craft works. In case, if your kitchen offers enough space, you can integrate two islands. Keep the one near the cooktop to prepare food and the other one for the kids and family to play or have fun when you are preparing food.

Hassle-free Countertops

When you choose a countertop for your family-friendly kitchen, take care to choose the one that is sturdy and easy to clean. You can opt for granite slabs Sydney that withstands heat and fire, while it is easy to clean and durable. Pick the right countertop that works best for your entire family.

Place Swivel Stools

Rather than placing fixed chairs in the kitchen, try to get a few swivel stools at the kitchen. This is because, having fixed chairs allows you to face forward, whereas swivel stools offer the facility to revolve and look at the family from any part of the room, and also helps create more space.

Banquette/Breakfast Nook

Having this area helps the guests to hang out while the dinner is being prepared. Also, it can be helpful for keeping the kids enclosed in an area.

Get Multiple Sinks

Installing at least two sinks will let you carry out your chores easily. While the kids help or use one sink, you can finish cleaning-up vessels at the other.


Having a pantry is the key to organise a perfect family kitchen. Especially when you install the pantry space beneath the marble slabs Sydney countertop, it will become easy to put away the groceries and other kitchen essentials, while it also helps keep off the clutter from the countertops. It is a very important segment of your kitchen, especially when you have a larger family.

Be Cautious with the Edges

If your family comprises of smaller children, go with gently rounded countertop edges. This way, you can stay less worried about your kids running across the kitchen. It is also a great idea to child-proof the edges.

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