What To Keep In Mind When Hire Damp Proofing Specialists?


We come across many building premises that have broken plasters, leaking roofs and white patches here and there. All these issues could occur due to rising damp for which prominent entities like ProTen Services are hired to prevent ill effects of excessive moist, the big menace.

Hiring reliable entities – Guys in search of damp proofing entities should know what all is to be done by them. Many homeowners may need them for conducting usual checks while others may require them for fixing the defective DPC. So be wise to make a list of the specific tasks that you need to the damp proofers do for you. It is recommended to focus on the following:

  • Professional skills – It is suggested to focus on the talents of the damp proofers that you hire for the task. They should know their task well and be conversant with the material and equipment that is needed to safeguard the buildings from the menace of rising damp. Use of injection guns and other tools should be at their fingertips. Likewise, a mixture of chemicals and other things for damp proofing should also be known to the damp proofers hired by you.
  • Experience – Be informed to hire the damp proofers that have accomplished various projects in the past. No inexperienced company or individual should ever be hired as it may not enable you to say NO to damp because of poor performance and lack of experience.
  • Tap different sources – It is suggested to contact your near and dear ones that might have hired these guys. Go through the newspapers or have a glance at the customer review platforms that could be helpful in finding the dedicated entities in this field. Have a look at the websites of different companies, interact with their representatives and collect maximum information regarding their services and other details.
  • Quality of service – Be wise to focus on the quality of damp proofing when you go out for finding the dedicated individual or company. The task done by them should be of great worth and they should not leave any room for complaint on your part. The overall structure of the building including its basement and other parts should be freed from the menace of rising damp, the big danger to our health.
  • Pricing –It is good to ask quotations from a few damp proofers and compare their rates. Choose the one that demands genuine pricing for its valuable services. Stay away from the entity that asks too low price as it is certain to disappoint you because of poor performance. Likewise, avoid booking the one that dupes with excessive remuneration.

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