What You Should Know before Installing a Wood Burning Stove


If you want to increase the comfort level in your home during the winter time, you may want to consider the installation of a wood-burning stove. This type of upgrade is ideal, as it can be included in either contemporary and traditional décor. There is some great information on refurbishing stoves here.

For example, a traditional log burner may feature steel or cast iron in its design. These stoves are generally located inside the chamber of a fireplace and provide a continual supply of radiant heat.

Contemporary Wood Stoves

If you wish to add a modern wood burning stove to your living space, you will find that these stoves generally feature an upright design. Therefore, contemporary wood burning stoves in Brentwood usually are free-standing, rather than being placed inside a fireplace.

Insert Wood Stoves

If you have a standard fireplace, you may be interested in an insert stove. This is an ideal product to select if you want to use a wood stove but do not want to make modifications to your fireplace.

Boiler Stoves

You can also choose to install a boiler stove. The two types of boiler stoves include the following:

  • A wrap-around boiler stove
  • An integral boiler

Both of the above systems are gravity fed, with the integral boiler being made to fuel a larger heating system.

Wood Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are yet another stove choice to consider. When wood pellets are burned, the sun’s energy is released from the wood. This energy is absorbed during a tree’s growth. Therefore, the carbon dioxide that is released is equal to the carbon dioxide that is consumed during the growing process.

Double-sided Wood Burning Stoves

A double-sided wood burning stove can cover a relatively large living area. This stove is made for spaces that feature a chimney breast that is situated in two rooms. Some inset and contemporary stoves are featured in double-sided designs.

As you can see, you have a large selection of stoves from which to choose if you include a wood-burning stove in your living area. Not only are these stoves attractive, but they also provide homes with a higher quality of heat.

Zone Heating

A wood stove operates on the concept of radiant heat. Therefore, a living area warms up faster with a wood stove than when the heat comes from a forced air furnace or is blown through heating vents. What is also nice about a wood stove is the fact that it can be placed in various areas of a house. As long as you have a vent pipe that you can run outside your home, you can practice zone heating in your living space.

Several well-placed wood burners in your home can virtually supplant the need for a central heating system. The heat from the stove radiates from each of its sides, thereby sending out the warmth in all directions.

An Eco-friendly Heating Method

Compared to using fossil fuels such as propane or natural gas, wood is a more eco-friendly fuel that is considered carbon neutral. This means that when you burn wood, it does not add carbon dioxide to the air.

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