Why is my water heater not supplying hot water?


Is the water heater in your house not making water hot like before? Or is it taking too much time to heat the water? You may find it too annoying when the electric heater not working. Fortunately, you can solve this issue when it takes place.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to understand the reason behind this issue so that you can take specific steps to fix it. The following article will help you know the reasons for no hot water and how it can be fixed.

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Why my hot water heater is not working?

If your water heater doesn’t heat or supplying hot water, you can begin with these amazing tips:

  1. Water heating systems can have restricted flow rate, recovery time, and volume. It can mean you might require wobbling your hot water actions to aid the storage tank to carry on with your command. If you’re habitually run out of hot water, the size of your tank may be very small that can warrant substituting your water heater.
  2. Shortage of hot water generally means that you have simply run out of hot water within your water heating tank. This could occur if people take back-to-back showers or if you try to shower while the dishwasher or washing machine is running. Before you become anxious, try to wait for about 10 minutes to watch if hot water comes back.
  3. If you do not notice a flame for a very long period, it means your pilot light is off. While this takes place, all you require to do would be to relight it. You require understanding that many new heating units no longer contain pilot lights. Rather, they feature spark ignitersor flame plugs.  If this is your instance, you may need to contact skilled experts of Atlanta heating and air companies or fix the issue by reading the user manual.
  4. The organic condition of pure gas is odourless and colourless. A gas-based product called mercaptan is added to gas to help us observegas leakage. While this product is added, gas tends to smell like sulphur or rotten eggs when there is a leakage. When you smell something near your water heater, just turn it off and lock the gas valve. The gas valve can be turned off by giving it a downward push. You need to replace the gas valve if it is damaged.
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