Wood Burning vs. Gas Fireplace Installation


One of the nicest places for evening relaxation and cozying up with your loved ones during the winter while the wind roars and the snow falls is in front of a fireplace. Whether you prefer installing traditional wood or stone burning fireplace or a more modern gas fireplace, be sure it will add warmth and character to your house.

Have a look at this review and compare the pros and cons of wood burning and gas fireplaces.

  • Atmosphere

Installing wood burning fireplaces with dancing yellow flames will bring a cozy, warm feel to your room. The crackling sounds, occasional firework-like sparks, the smell of the burning wood add a nostalgic traditional ambiance. It blends into the room.

Gas fireplaces are less aesthetically appealing than wood ones.

  • The smell and the smoke

Though wood burning produces a comforting smell, it can produce smoke as well that causes some health concerns bothering sensitive lungs. Correct gas fireplace installation will not do any harm to your health.

  • The heat

Wood fireplace generates more heat, but a lot of it is lost up the chimney.

Gas fireplaces donot put out the same amount of heat as wood-burning, but are more energy-efficient.

  • Ventilation

Wood fireplace installation requires a chimney, which is more expensive to build and often necessitates structural changes to the ceilings, floors and roof of your home.

Instead of chimney, a gas fireplace requires a direct vent, which leads through the wall near the fireplace. Direct vents are easy and inexpensive to install.

  • Fireplace installation

Wood fireplaces are constructed with heavy masonry. The structural support of a foundation will be required. A gas fireplace weighs 34kilos, so it can sit on any floorsurface. You donot have to reinforce the structure of the home.

  • Maintenance and installation

Wood burning fireplaces require complicated installation. They need to be cleaned after the fire is out. Plus, fire code standards mandate that chimneys should be inspected yearly by a professional chimney sweep in order to prevent the buildup of creosote.

Natural gas fireplaces are based on newer heat-efficient technology. They have obvious maintenance and installation advantages over wood fireplaces. However, they require a gas line.

  • The price

Installing wood burning fireplace requires more expenses. An average price of wood burning fireplace installation can vary from $8,500 – $22,000, compared to $3,650 – $7,800 of gas fireplace installation.

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