3 Of The Many Things Your Local Buildings Surveyor Will Check For You


If you are thinking of buying a new property you need to make sure that what you are buying is strong, stable and safe. This will probably be the single biggest investment that you will ever make and you need to take the proper steps to protect your investment. There are a number of things that you can’t see as they are not in plain sight and for this, you need to do a building survey.

There are a number of places where you can find reliable building surveys in Brighton and this is a necessary first step before you part with your hard earned money. During the survey, they check for a high number of things and we will list just some of them here.

  1. They will do a full inspection of the whole structure and that includes basements and lofts. Anything could have happened in those enclosed spaces like flooding or rodent infestation that has affected the whole structure of the house.
  2. There needs to be a check of everything that comes into the house and that includes water and mains energy. Gas, electrics, solar panels if necessary, plumbing and all the drainage have to be checked to make sure all are in working order. This is an expensive thing to have to spend money on after you have purchased.
  3. Building control compliance is another important one. That new extension may have helped you make up your mind to purchase the property but did they get the right permits to build it there.

It’s a minefield out there, so make sure that you get a proper building survey done before you buy.



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