Essential Garden Tools and Their Functions


A beautiful garden and landscaping set up for you to enjoy your evening times with friends and family is everyone’s dream. But to manage the rows of plans and harvesting them when the plants fall, you will need different varieties of garden tools. Listed below are some of the most essential garden tools that are useful for you to have a garden. You choose to either buy them, but if you find it expensive and use it just two or three times a year, you may opt to hire it. J&G tool hire centre offer a range of gardening and landscaping tools and other equipment for hire to our customers in and around Surrey.

Trowel and spade

The trowel is the most apparent tool to handle among all the garden tool and is an essential tool. It is used for moving soil, digging, removing weeds, mixing fertilizer and much more. There are various kinds of trowels concerning size and shapes. And it comes in the combination of plastic and wooden handles and the stainless steel.

Spade is the short-handled shovel that is made with a rectangular blade with a ‘D’ handle for gripping it while digging. The spade is used when the job is too big for the trowel, especially for digging and breaking up the soil, moving the loose soil, as well as for slicing through the stubborn roots.

Bow rake and hand rake

A bow rake is used to gather and clear the loose debris in the garden. It is made of sturdier steel material to make it lighter for tilling work, weeding, spreading the loosen soil and levelling it up.

When working at the smaller garden, using the larger rake make it difficult and damage the plants. It is best to use the hand rake that is similar to the bow rake and comes in different forms to ensure the task to be done conveniently.  The light-duty hand rakes have the flexible tines and can be used to clear the debris comfortably. And heavy-duty steel hand rakes can be used to break up the soil and lighter tilling.

Weed puller

Weed puller is available in different styles and is used to entangle the weed in their teeth, twist and pull them out. Weed puller that has the leverage bar can be used to pull the weeds out at an angle. The efficient weed puller should be able to pull the weeds out from the soil with the roots.

Shedder and cutters

The major use of the garden shredder and chipper is to reduce the garden waste. There are various types of garden shedder and chipper such as hedge off cutting, foliage from plants, leaves and twigs. The garden shredder can also be used to put the kitchen waste such as vegetables and fruit peeling.  It comes with the cutting blade that will chop leaves and green branches very finely to make it perfect for compost heaps. When you want to do the work within the budget, it is best to hire the gardening tools such as the shedder and cutters.

Pruning or garden shears

Pruning shears are used when the plants need to be cut back. It acts as the scissors and is used to cut small branches and twigs. Garden shears, the two-handed tool is used for trimming hedges but also can be replaced for the cutting the branches instead of pruning shears.

These are some of the basic garden tool required to tidy up your garden.  We at J&G tool hire centre have a range of garden tools from simple spade to shedder and much more that are hired out for both long and short period. Contact us immediately if you want to hire gardening and landscaping tools and equipment.

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