Concrete Driveway – Efficient Cleaning tips


The messy driveway is bound to happen with the hot tire marks, oil leaks, mould and mildew and other chemicals. All of this curb the appeal of the driveway look and you tend to figure out the best cleaning methods and material to remove them. Promain has some effective cleaning and degreaser that are effective, reliable and affordable. Check out some simple and easy to do cleaning tips for your concrete driveway and protect/preserve it for a longer duration.

Cleaning the concrete driveway with the hose or pressure washer

To remove the stubborn dirt and stains from the concrete driveway, use the pressure washer that helps in thorough and effective cleaning. You may also use the garden hose with the sprayer to wash the dirt away after you scrub the entire driveway with the stiff broom.

Removing tire marks from a driveway

The hot tire when comes in contact with concrete driveway sealer, the plasticizers from the tire gets transferred to the sealer and discolour it. To remove the tire marks, clean the surface with the concrete degreaser and stiff brush. You may have to remove the sealer with the chemical stripper and reapply the sealer. Using the acrylic or polyurethane concrete sealer will reduce the hot tire markings. The sealer helps in forming a dense film that limits and prevent the plasticizer to get transferred from the tire to the concrete driveway.

Cleaning oil and grease stains:

A strong detergent and scrub brush can be used to remove the smaller oil spills or spots on the concrete driveway. For a more effective method, use the concrete cleaner or degreaser that will loosen up the oil and becomes easier for removal. Promain has the collection of degreaser and concrete cleaner such as the eco cleaner and degreaser, stain remover, concrete cleaner that you may purchase at the affordable price. For fresh spills, cover the stain with sawdust, baking soda or other absorbent material for cleaning.

Cleaning mould and mildew from a concrete driveway

When your driveway has the mould and mildew growth that occurs especially during the damp and humid weather conditions, scrub it off using the mould killing detergents, fungicidal cleaner solution or solutions made with bleach and water. Make sure to wear the gloves when using the bleach to clean the driveway. Check out the fungicidal cleaner and degreaser product at Promain that ensures kills mould, mildew bacteria, removes oil grease and proteins.

Removing lawn fertilizer stains from concrete driveway

The fertilizers used for the lawn and garden contain metals and minerals. The metals and minerals leave rusty stains on the concrete driveway and result in permanent colour change when allowed to penetrate. Apply distilled vinegar diluted with water to remove the stains.

Cleaning leaf stains from a driveway

Leaves, grass, tree sap and other organic material tend to fall on the driveway and leave a harsh stain that is tougher to remove. Specialised cleaners formulated for the removal of these organic stains needs to be used to clean the driveway. The best part is these cleaners do not affect the colour of the concrete driveway or harm the surface as the enzymes act only on the organic material.

Promain has a range of concrete driveway cleaning products that can be used to make your driveway neater and cleaner. Keeping it clean during all the seasons increases its durability. And not spend on the reinstallation of the concrete. Promain also has a wide variety of paints, stains and sealers that can be applied on the concrete driveway to bring in a stylish look.

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