Understanding the Pre-Acquisition Survey


To decide on the leasing or investing your building is a big responsibility and a bigger challenge concerning financial commitment. There are several factors to consider ensuring that it is the right move and sound investment. It is vital to understand the obligation to get the pre-acquisition survey.

Let us understand the purpose of a pre-acquisition survey –

When looking to invest in a property or leasing it out, the building surveys are required to analyse the risks and liabilities that are associated with the property. A pre-acquisition survey is the best way to recognise the critical information on the state of the building and helps us to make the informed decision before purchasing/investing in a property.

It is best for you to get realistic while viewing the potential problems a buyer could face while closing on an actual purchase. Get in touch with the qualified, knowledgeable and professional building consultancy who can help you with the all the statuary compliance matters. Get in touch with N.A Williams Architectural Services ltd at Dorset for any question on the survey and architect, and we will be happy to assist you.

The pre-acquisition survey helps in a detailed assessment of the actual condition of the building, and the in-depth investigation avoids the unnecessary stress and unexpected financial implications that may not be immediately apparent. The survey helps to confirm that the building serves its intended purpose and fulfils all the needs of the buyers without any surprise cost involved.

The pre-acquisition survey also assists in negotiating the cost during the purchase process, and the feedback updated by the buyers help to achieve a fair deal and possible saving on the initial price.  It helps to give the estimate on the life cycle cost of the building, advice on the refurbishments, improvements and any repair obligations.

Note – a pre-acquisition survey is not a valuation survey until it is stated otherwise. With more than30 years of experience in the construction industry, we are one of the most approached organisation in Dorset for providing Building consultancy, and we specialise in the Doncaster Architect.

Gaining a detailed understanding of the property you are investing will help you to make a detailed planning of immediate as well as the long-term maintenance obligations or the cost of refurbishments. Our pre-acquisition survey for both the commercial and the residential property is the bespoke service and we ensure to help with the best.

After you receive the survey result, make sure to create an action plan for your next steps.  Write down all the questions and seek for advice appropriately. Check if you have any specific areas of concern regarding the survey or if you have any question on significant cost expenditure in the coming years. Having the information clearer and concise will help you for better negotiation for a deal.

When you are evaluating a property, get as much information as possible so that you will be able to handle the possible issues accordingly.  It helps to look at the matter in the future without any stress.

We at N.A Williams Architectural Services ltd are the best in class to provide the pre-acquisition survey of the buildings. We are based in Dorset offer our services Building Consultancy and architect services in Dorchester.

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