3 Things That Your Local Roofing Contractor Will Check For.


It’s up there standing up to the elements every day and still we don’t really pay any attention to it. It is the one thing that is protecting the rest of the house and still we tend to ignore it. We figure that it will be strong enough on its own and doesn’t need any additional help, but we are wrong and neglecting your roof could lead to damage that will cost thousands of pounds to fix later. All roofs should be checked at least once a year at the minimum and every time that we experience a particularly windy storm.

If you are having any issues with your roof, don’t despair as there is roof repair in Fareham provided by experienced and highly recommended roofing companies. While they are up there on your roof, they can check for the following issues.

  1. Guttering gets constantly clogged up in the UK, especially around autumn time. These leaves and sometimes dead animals need to be removed so that your guttering can do its job properly.
  2. The fascia and soffits are also placed there to protect your roof and these may come loose due to damage from high winds and rain. Your roofer will check that they are properly in place and tighten and fixing screws.
  3. Roof tiles, slates and your chimney all take a battering from flying branches and so these need to be checked. Tiles are put back into place and replaced if absolutely necessary.

Get your roof checked this week if you haven’t done it already this year. Some money spent now will save you thousands later.






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