A Guide to Double Glazing Repairs


If you have already installed UPVC double glazing, you are certainly in the majority, and while the mad to measure units are made with top quality materials, there are things that can go wrong. Many UK homeowners find that double glazed units steam up on the inside, or perhaps a hinge malfunctions, or a lock no longer works, and with affordable UPVC window repairs in Bristol, repairs can quickly be carried out.

Sealed Double Glazed Units

Double glazed units are hermetically sealed, which prevents condensation and increases the thermal insulation, yet if this seal is compromised, the inner surface will steam up, due to the extreme differences of temperature on a single pane of glass. The only way to repair this is to replace the sealed unit with a new one, and this is something a specialist double glazing repair company can easily handle.

Common Issues

The following are common problems that occur with UPVC windows and doors:

  • Steamed Double Glazed Units
  • Faulty Locks
  • Faulty Hinges
  • Broken Sealed Units

In most cases when a repair is necessary, the product warranty has expired, and in such a case, you can search online to find a local double glazing repair centre, who would send a technician to your home to survey the issue.

Broken Glass

A common problem on both windows and patio doors, a breakage could be caused by a flying stone from a lawnmower or kids playing football, or any number of situations, and should one of your windows suffer a breakage, it is vital that you have it repaired as soon as possible.

If you have any issues with your UPVC windows or doors, there will be a local repair centre, and the best way to contact them is with an online search.

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