Inspirational Living Room Plans


If you are looking forward towards some inspiring living room renovation ideas then this is the perfect place from where you can get some brilliant tips and apply them according to your needs and choices.  You can also consider handmade designs by ingeniousdesigns.

Following are some of the best and most stimulating strategies that can be applied in your living room.

  • Into the Blue

Blue and white is a standard color arrangement that’s seamless for a naval scheme. Whale motif wallpaper includes an eccentric turn to this eternal look.

  • A Sense of Space

Soft grey tones and brittle white details rebound light around your modern living room. Pale ligneous furniture also aids to keep the room looking cheerful and buoyant.

  • Amalgamation of Modern and Traditional

An inconspicuous decking plan lets period features to polish in this Victorian terrace. Wall art is now more available than ever.

  • Small Changes makes a Huge Difference

Simple Roman blind and rough flooring have caused in a stylish update for an impersonal living room. The mixture of customary or hirsute, Modern Rugs has a great collection for your floor.

  • A Huge Impression

Select stunning furniture and accessories to create the huge impact in a big, buoyant room with high top limit as you can see in Regency townhouse renovation that’s a seamless mix of old and new. In case you find it interesting and according to your taste then you can get a comparable look with these lovely handmade Moroccan leather pouffes by Bohemia.

  • Naturally Laid Back

White walls, soft grey fabric, and pale wooden furniture make a tranquil and welcoming appearance. You can also pick a definitive sofa as the centerpiece, then present pattern with a mix-and-match assortment of decorative cushions and asymmetrical rug.

  • Rethink Pink

Pink is still an enormous interiors fashion! You can layer soft rose with grey, pick a standard sofa as the room’s pivotal point and present pattern with pretty cushions and a rug. Apart from that, you can also contrast the soft colors with a statement floor lamp and coffee table.

  • Reverses Attract

Vintage sofas convey a sophisticated feel in a Victorian home. It encourages a sense of familiarity in an open-plan or big room by ordering seating around a coffee table with a carpet underneath. The purpose is to make a cozy zone within the space.

  • Arty Palette

You can change your living room into a masterpiece with painterly decorative fabrics, creative effects and a palette of soft shades. Pick fine pieces of cotton, linens, and silks printed in washes of color as an initiating point for your plan. You can also team extremely decorative pieces with modernized furniture for a flawless balance of arrangement and utility.

  • Pattern Play

The strategy to this implement this look is to layer complicated design on pattern though keeping the backdrop understated. Spots, stripes, ikat designs and color wedge all work together stunningly when combined by a pleasant palette.

Final Word

Try these above living room plans and you will see on your own that minor changes make a huge difference.

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