Household Waste Disposal Made Easy


There comes a time when we need to dispose of household junk and gardening waste but the main problem most of us have is finding a cost-effective way to actually remove it. Sure, you can fill the car with bags and make numerous trips to the local tip or recycling centre, but this is a massive inconvenience and very time consuming. Many residents of south London are choosing to dispose of their waste with small skip hire in Croydon. This type of skip hire is suitable for a multitude of waste disposal jobs but regarding the average household is generally used for:

  • Garden Waste
  • Decorating Waste
  • House and Garage Clearances
  • Decluttering

Of course, there are certain things your skip operator might not take, examples include non-empty paint tins, car batteries or hazardous waste such as asbestos. If you do have any items that you think might not be allowed be sure to speak to your local skip hire operator before you get the skip delivered to your home. Even if the skip operator cannot remove certain items, it is likely they will know someone who can.

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Safety First

When you get your skip delivered be sure it is not obstructing anyone else’s access, the last thing you need is neighbours complaining when you have a job to do! Your skip operator will be able to advise you prior to delivery as to a suitable drop off area. You should also make sure that the skip is placed where young children can’t get in and play, not just your children but other children in the neighbourhood as well.

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