A Guide to Basic Building Maintenance


If you are new to home ownership, you’ll be very interested in the contents of this article, which outlines the main aspects of building maintenance. Starting with the roof, which is, after all, the most important component, and regular roof inspections are the order of the day. This will ensure that any missing roof tiles are replaced, and with regular cleaning out of the guttering, your roof should always provide you with essential weather protection.

Exterior Brickwork

Many homes have a protective coating on the exterior walls, which protects the brickwork from the elements, and with a certain amount of elasticity, the coating can move as the substrate does in extreme temperatures. You should have no problem finding experienced building services in Edinburgh, as Google is your best friend, especially when it comes to property maintenance.

Timber Preservation

We all have a degree of timber in the make-up of our home, and whether painted or stained, timber needs regular care and attention. Places you would find timber include:

  • Fascias and Soffits
  • Garden Fencing and Gating
  • Door and Window Frames

Annual Building Inspection

As your home will likely be the single biggest investment you’ll ever make, it does make sense to maintain your investment. A local building services company would spend a portion of their time inspecting properties for both domestic and commercial customers.

The harsh Scottish climate does nothing to keep our homes in good order, and with things like rising damp to contend with, you really should have your property inspected on an annual basis.

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